Six Sunday School Classes for Adults meet September – May, beginning at 9:45 a.m. A wide variety of topics and styles are available, including:


The Frances Sheffield Class Room B111:George Dent, leader 

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon Bible Study by Ellen Davis

The Sistahood Class Room B110: Garra Owens, leader     

Women’s Bible Study Class    

 CLASS MATERIAL: Disciple Bible Study Series is the basis of this class study with members rotating the teaching preparation and presentation.

The Lost Class Room D106Kirk Biddle, leader with guidance from Mildred Grubbs.

This class study will explore ancient Jewish history and how it factors into the gospels using the taped series “Living the Questions” series provided by Mildred Grubbs with additional information from several university theology professors.

The Seekers Class Room D107 (Session Room):Lori Dickerson- leader 

CLASS MATERIAL: Confronting Controversies by Adam Hamilton will be the book used for study and class discussion.  Biblical perspectives on tough issues.

The Pathfinders Class Room B112: Tom Groome, teacher  Target group is Young Adult 30s and 40s. This study helps Christians figure out what to do when life gets complicated and the distinctions between good and bad are not so clear.  Using bible passages as a guide, Haberer affirms and then challenges many closely held beliefs, making traditional distinctions between “conservative” and “liberal” Christians obsolete.

CLASS MATERIAL: It’s Complicated: A Guide to Faithful Decision Making by Jack Haberer.